Woodworking by The Talented Termite

Another of our vendors is The Talented Termite. As the name implies, they work with wood.

Most of their offerings on this site are for gifts or decoration.


A Little Bit About The Talented Termite

They are a two person organization. The same two that run this business.

The Termite is my husband Carl. He does most of the woodworking. The other one (me) sands, paints and stains as needed.

He has been working with wood for most of his life. His Father started teaching him how to do home repairs and building bird houses at a young age. The schools he went to used to teach Industrial Arts and woodworking was a large part of the curriculum.

His story about his journey in woodworking since we have been married will be in a post on The Talented Termite.


Their Main Forms of Woodworking

Scrollsawing, carving and turning are the main forms that are used. But building most anything in wood is also done. For more information, visit their website, The Talented Termite.

There is also a forum that is starting up  with plans, patterns and tips for those that want to make their own gifts and decorations.

Oak, cherry, maple, ash, and poplar are the main woods that are used in the scrolled ornaments and plaques. But plywood is also used for some items. Most of the materials are approximately ¼” thick.

The main wood he uses for carving is Basswood. But sometimes maple, cherry and poplar are used. The main thing about wood used for carving is a good tight, parallel grain that is relatively soft. Most of the carving that we carry are figures.

Almost any type of wood can be used for turning. It all depends upon the finished object and what the turner has in mind. Bowls, spoons, candlesticks and napkin rings will be the main products that he makes.



The Products That We Will Offer From The Termite

Later this year we will be setting up an online store where you can purchase products. It will be protected and secure. At first, the only places that can purchase items will be the United States. We will add other countries as we learn their taxing laws and get legal advice on protecting ourselves.

We will only carry a portion of the output from The Termite.

Bowls, spoons, candlesticks and napkin rings will be the main turned products.

For scrolled items it will be ornaments, plaques, potpourri containers and tissue holders.

Carvings will be plaques and characters mainly.  But carving decoration can and will be added to the other woodworking lines.


Next Friday we will show more quilting that is finished or in the works. So please drop by and check them out.

Please leave a comment below to tell us what you like and to offer suggestions of articles and/or products you are interested in.

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