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Health benefits of knitting and crocheting

We received an article in a mail out from our local hospital, Weatherford Regional Medical Center, that caught my attention. Even though it was short, it got me to thinking. It talked about a survey that showed knitting could have health benefits. Since we all seem to worry more about our health as we mature, […]

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Do you buy or make your gifts?

We all need gifts for birthday, anniversaries, weddings etc. Where do you get your gifts? Do you but your gifts? ¬†Or are you crafty and make them? There are pros and cons for both ways that we will discuss.     You Need A Gift For An Upcoming Event There is an event coming up […]

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Do heirs consider handmade items to be heirlooms?

Heirlooms, what are they? Has the definition been changed by the younger generations? What happens to those things that are no longer considered heirlooms? In this article, I will try to help you understand these questions.     A Definition Of Heirlooms, Old And New How old must something be to be considered an heirloom? […]

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