Starting at least a 2 week hiatus

Due to the lack of viewers and followers that my blog articles have been (or not been) receiving, I will be taking at least a 2 week hiatus.



Reasons For Hiatus

The reason for the hiatus is the fact that none of my blog articles are being viewed by more than 2-3 people other than myself.

Considering that it takes anywhere from 2-6 hours of research, writing and editing, that is not a good ROI (Return On Investment) for the time spent.

The time to blog has taken away from my other duties and interests. I could be spending that time doing my chores or quilting or woodworking. The last two would stand a chance of making money.



Possible Problems Causing The Low View Rate

I have given it much thought and I think that the possible reasons for the low number of views is one of the following:


  • I am a lousy writer
  • The subject matter is too general and not specific enough
  • The subjects are not of interest to other people
  • People don’t know about the blogs
  • The fact that I only use Facebook to show new articles
  • Poor design of the website


Whatever the reason, I am going to step back and evaluate what to do. This blog will still get some attention after my decision as it will be used to inform of show dates and new product up for purchase at a minimum.

Also, I have only gotten 2 comments total on 7 blogs in almost 6 months. That doesn’t give much feedback, just frustration.

Whatever I decide, I will post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to reach more people.


So come back in a couple of weeks to see what I have decided. And feel free to leave me a comment below to let me know your opinions and the subjects you would like me to write about.


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