Are the old clothing fads coming back?

When you look at the current clothing fads, do you get a deja vu feeling? Do they look like something either you of your parents wore?

It seems that there are cycles in the looks of clothing that repeat themselves. There is some variation in the current fads. But the basic styles are the same, just different colors and prints.

Like the old song says ‘Everything old is new again’. So just like it was when I was a kid, I could raid my mother’s old clothes and be in style. This seems to happen more than you think.

Part of the change in fashion is due to wanting to be more comfortable and less formal. Even the youth see the wisdom in comfort.



Old Is The New Chic

It seems that the youth of each era try to change the way they look, so they come up with ‘new’ ideas, they think. But in reality the ideas are just revisions of older fads from a past generation.

I really try not to giggle when I see today’s youth thinking that today’s fashion is so hip and one of a kind. And yet, their mother or grandmother wore a similar outfit.

Our generation thought the same thing. And we found out that all we were doing was almost like our moms.

Some of the main differences from generation to generation is the length, color and prints of the clothing.

Shopping in a thrift store can be fun and produce something like the current trend. I think part of the reason for the fads is the economy and more people going to second-hand stores to be able to get more clothing for their money.



Does These Fads Include Accessories Also?

Yes. This includes some accessories, like necklaces, earrings and bracelets. But each generation also adds their own spin with different materials for each.

And don’t forget about shoes, purses and scarves. Hopefully you didn’t throw out all of your old ones. That is the cheapest way to stay up with the latest fads.

As newer materials are developed, they are incorporated into the current styles. But the basic designs are still the same as you used to wear when you were younger. Think Paracord bracelets and necklaces. Same basic styles, just thicker materials and in many different colors.

Do you remember the handmade friendship bracelets? And the ‘Love Bead’ necklaces? Now the ‘In’ thing is to make a friend something with paracord. And it is even starting at a younger age.



So Go Looking At The Second-hand Store Near You

A real good source is to go to the local Goodwill store or other thrift store. People are cleaning out their closets and attics and taking the ‘old’ unwanted and unused items there. And it does help with providing a job and income for some of the less fortunate.

And don’t forget the yard sales or flea markets. They have old, comfortable clothing there that is inexpensively priced. ┬áJust remember to wash them thoroughly.

There are more and more stores that are popping up to sell used clothing and other items all of the time. Be sure to check them out. And if you decide, you may even be able to sell some of your abundance to them.



And Don’t Forget To Raid Your Own Closet Or Attic

Your own clothes closet, attic, garage or other storage place may contain a wealth of the newest fads for you, your kids or grandkids. And they can even brag about finding it for free (unless they are too materialistic).

So just think, you can be back ‘in fashion’ in a short time.

But don’t kick yourself too hard for getting rid of all that ‘hip’ clothing and accessories. Who would think it would come back into fashion in the latest fads?


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