A new design for this site doesn’t mean it isn’t protected

Some hackers think a new design means the site is vulnerable.

It would appear that some hackers equate new designed sites and new sites to be vulnerable. Not when I design them. I install more than 1 security plugin and program before I put them up for the public to see.

Since I put up the post about this website being redesigned, there were over 3,000 attempts to break into the site in the first week.  There have been more than 5,000 total tries so far and 66 attempts to login to the administration portion of this site in the last 2 days.

All of the attempts have failed to this date. As we all have heard, no site is completely 100% safe. However, I try my best to keep all of my designed sites at 99.99% safe. So far I have been able to accomplish this. But I also know that some hackers will take this as a challenge, but I will always try my best to insure that they don’t succeed.

I am working on a post in Website Designs by Geeky Grandpa. I will add a link to the article here when it is complete. Protecting newly designed and existing websites

Notice to the hackers

If you have been blocked on this website from previously tried IP’s, be forwarned that I add the blocked IP’s to all of the websites that I own and all others that I manage.

Thank you for reading this post.

Carl Linde aka Geeky Grandpa.