Is there a market for handmade embroidery?

Are there people still doing handmade embroidery?

Is it selling? Where? How much?

Is it worth doing it to make some extra money?

We will discuss these points today.


Do People Still Do Embroidery To Sell?

First, are there still people doing embroidery by hand? And if so, are they trying to sell any of it?

There are still embroidery kits for sale at some of the hobby stores. And there are iron-on designs to put on almost anything that you can embroider.

Some people, myself included, find embroidery to be calming and therapeutic. So I do some stitching in my off-times.

I do it more for the relaxation then to sell. And most of what I do I give away as gifts.

I have never really thought about selling my work. I would be unsure about what price to charge. So I did some research today.



Where Would You Sell Handmade Embroidery?

I did a search for handmade embroidered items on both Etsy and eBay. Etsy had a large amount of new embroidery for sale as well as designs. eBay showed a higher percentage of ‘vintage’ work.

When I did a Google search for ‘handmade embroidery for sale’ most sites were for selling designs more so than finished work.

So I did a Google search for ‘where to sell hand embroidery’. A Yahoo! Answers page came up that listed 15 websites to check out as the best answer.

One answer that was found in several areas was to get your own website up and running with an e-commerce program.

Most websites where you can sell have it where you list your items in a store created for you on their site. Check out Etsy or Shopify for a couple of examples.

Also, most of these sites will allow people from any country sell there. And some of the people who are not in the US will be willing to work for a lot less money as their cost of living is a lot less.

Then there are the many craft shows and fairs that are out there. I haven’t seen a whole lot of embroidery at any that we have attended or were a part of. I don’t know if that is because it doesn’t sell or the fact that no one else has tried it.



Can Money Be Made Doing Handmade Embroidery?

Money can be made with handmade embroidery. How much will depend on what price you are willing to ask for. Remember that people are buying the article, not paying you on a per hour basis like a job would.

A few months ago I finished a rectangular tablecloth with may bouquets of flowers scattered across the whole area with embellishments of ribbons. The entire time, many people asked if it was going to be for sale. But I made it for our family, not for sale.

My Aunt told me I could get $250-$500 for it. Sounds great but I had over 80 hours of work in to it over a 3 month span. So the selling price quoted didn’t sound like much. If you are willing to do special orders with an agreed upon price, it might be worth it.

I work in an office part-time and the boss said I could display my work there. But remember that we live in a small rural town with no large industry close by. So a big price isn’t very likely.

We do have this website up and running. An e-commerce plugin is available to be added at any time to start selling. That will occur once we have sufficient inventory.


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