Knitting that is done on a loom

Most people know about knitting with needles, but did you know that knitting can be done on a loom?

I will explain the different sizes, styles and shapes of the looms and how to use them.



Styles Of Looms Available For Knitting

There are many types and styles of looms available.

The looms for knitting are normally either round or rectangular. But there are some that have a large base with the opening and pegs wandering around the inside for a long length piece.

They are made with either a plastic or hardwood base and with either plastic or metal pins.

Most plastic looms have plastic pins. But I have seen some with molded in metal pins a few years ago. However a Google search didn’t show any at this time.

The wooden bases can be either a solid base or two rails with spacers between. The spacers allow for either a thicker yarn or for a piece to be longer length than the board.

I only use the plastic as that is what I learned on and have on hand.

I have 4 sizes of round looms. Each is a different size. Blue is 5″. Red is 7″. Green is 9″. And Yellow is 11″. Mine were made by Provo Craft and called Knifty Knitter. Unfortunately, they are no longer being made. But there are other brands out there that are comparable. Also shown in the picture is a pick for pulling the yarn over.

Set of 4 Round Looms
Set of 4 Round Looms

Also, my long rectangular set are Knifty Knitter also. The set I got had 4 looms in it also. Red is 8 3/4″. Yellow is 12 3/4″. Green is 17″. And Blue is 21″. Also shown in the picture are 2 Purple that are 13 1/2″. I don’t remember the brand of the Purple. There is a pick in the picture also.

Set of 4 Long Looms along with 2 Purple looms.
Set of 4 Long Looms along with 2 Purple looms.


The Advantages Of The Different Styles Of Looms

Round looms are great for making hats and tubes. The main reason for so many different round sizes is that each will be able to make a hat that will fit different size heads.

Round looms can also make straight pieces like scarves. Instead of making loops all the way around the loom, you stop at a point where it will make the size you want. Then you make your loops back to the start. Continue going back and forth until you reach the length you want.

Round looms can also be used to make socks or mittens. Socks can be a bit tricky at the heel as you have to increase and decrease in certain areas to turn the corner of the heel.

Rectangular looms can make hats, but they are not as easy as a round loom. Their main use is for making wide long items like scarves or sections of large coverings like a lap throw. By increasing and decreasing you can make panels for blouses, sweaters or dresses.

There are pattern books that will show you how to make almost any item that can be knit. Also, the internet is full of patterns if you search for them.



How Do You Knit With A Loom?

If you are used to knitting with needles, knitting on a loom will seem unusual at first. But once you catch on, a loom is so much easier. And I found it to be faster.

If you are making anything circular on either type of loom, you will wrap a loop around the peg and then go to the next peg and make another loop. You will continue this all of the way around the loom. You wrap the yarn in a clockwise fashion, with the yarn looping around from the back of the peg. Proceed in a counter-clockwise direction.

Making loops on a round loom.
Making loops on a round loom.

Even though the books don’t show it, if you are left-handed I think you could loop around the peg in counter-clockwise fashion and proceed clockwise. As long as you go the same direction every time (for a tube or hat) I think it should be alright.

For making a straight length like a scarf, on a long loom you will loop the yarn around the first peg closest to you  in a clockwise fashion. But instead of looping the yarn around the next peg on the same side like you would on a round loom, you loop the yarn around the peg on the other side of the loom that is straight across in a counter-clockwise direction. Then you would loop the yarn around the second peg in each row the same way as the first all the way to the end. You are making a series of figure-eights.

Making a row on a long loom.
Making a row on a long loom.

Then you would proceed back. You would loop around the first peg. But it won’t loop all the way around the peg since you have to start the other side with the yarn on the same side as you finished up. When you are done knitting, this will give you a finished edge all the way along the scarf.

For a double stitch, you will make a second row of loops. Then you will take the bottom row and pull it over the top  row you just put on. Then you do another row of loops and pull the bottom row over the top again. Continue until you have reached the length you need.


Are You Limited As To What You Can Make?

There really is no more of a limitation to loom knitting than knitting with needles. Sometimes it will take a little trial and error to figure it out, but it should be possible.

So go get yourself a loom and some extra picks and start knitting the easy way. The reason for the extra picks is the fact that you can pull the metal out of the plastic or vinyl handle if you wrap your loops too tight and it requires too much force to pull the bottom loop(s) over the top. So don’t get caught without a pick to finish up your project.

My suggestion to you is to get both a round loom and a rectangular loom (or a set of each) so you can try both. Most looms and sets come with some instructions and a pattern or two.

There are many books out there on loom knitting. So next, go get a book that has some patterns that you like and want to try.

Knitting on a loom is easier for a beginner to learn.

Now go and have some fun.


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