Do you buy or make your gifts?

We all need gifts for birthday, anniversaries, weddings etc.

Where do you get your gifts?

Do you but your gifts?  Or are you crafty and make them?

There are pros and cons for both ways that we will discuss.



You Need A Gift For An Upcoming Event

There is an event coming up in the next week that requires a gift from you.

  • Is there time for you to make it?
  • Do you have all of the supplies needed?
  • Do you have something already made you can use?
  • Or do you need to buy it?

What do you make that can be used?

  • Afghans
  • Quilts
  • Table Runners
  • Knit or crocheted items, like hats or sweaters
  • Wood bowls, vases, boxes or scrolled pictures
  • Jewelry
  • Table runners
  • Placemats and mug rugs
  • A scrapbook of pictures  or important events

The list is unlimited.

But almost always the time and money determine which way we go. The only exception is if we have built up a stash of finished projects that can be used.



Why Make The Gift By Hand When You Can Buy It?

What are reasons for giving a handmade gift?

  • Family traditions of gifts
  • A wedding, birth of a child, graduation or other special event
  • An heirloom to remember the time of the event
  • Just because it is what you like to do

Handmade gifts have special meaning to the recipient and the maker. It is a bond that helps to tie friends and family together.

I have very few gifts from my family that were handmade. That is partly due to the fact that a lot of my family was dead when I was born. So I never got to meet them and they never had the chance to make me anything.

My Great Uncle Curtis made me a belt buckle with an agate cabochon that he ground and polished himself. And I have articles that my Mother and Father each made for me. They mean much to me as they have passed on.

But every time I look at one of my handmade gifts, I think of the person and the time they gave it to me. And I also think of the love they put into it.

I realize that most kids today don’t fully appreciate handmade items, but there will come a time when they will. And wouldn’t you like them to remember the good times you had together?



Is There A Best Time To Make It By Hand?

If you want to give a hand-crafted gift, then the answer is a definite YES. And the answer is before it is needed, not last-minute.

I don’t know if there is a good or bad time to give a hand-crafted gift. That is something you will have to figure out for yourself.

I do know that my Grand-children and my Sister-in-Law all appreciate it when they get a handmade gift from us. And they look forward to receiving them.

If you wait until the last-minute, you may not have the time to make it.

So why not make articles when you have time and put them in stock for the time they will be needed. You know the birthdays, anniversaries and holidays coming up. And you know who you need to make gifts for and what their likes and dislikes are.

So use your spare time before the events to get ahead and start making stock. Consider it like you are going to a craft fair and you need inventory to sell.

Having a stock of gifts is always easier than that last-minute rush. It that allows you to take the time you want to get just the perfect finish to the item.



Buying A Handmade Gift From Someone Else

If you are not a crafty person or don’t have the time, then go to craft fairs and shows and purchase one made by someone else.

But don’t try to pass it off as something you made.  The recipient may ask you to show them how to make it so they can do the same for someone else. And if you don’t know how to do the craft well, then your credibility just went down with that person.

Besides, it is always best to tell the truth. Trying to remember what lie you told to whom can get very confusing.

If you want to learn a craft like knitting, crocheting, embroidery, tatting,woodturning, scrollsawing, and others, check out the menus on our sites.

We will be putting basic instructions and patterns and plans up soon. We will put up an article stating when we finish the initial stage of each.  And we will expand them as we can.


There will be another article next Friday. So please come back and check it out.


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