Back quilting again

The holiday season put a stop to most activities. And quilting was one of the casualties. But we are back in the quilting room starting some new projects.


We’re back into design mode

Carl and I are back starting to design some placemats for ourselves and others. Mug rugs are another design project we are working on. We decided to start small and work up to larger pieces.

We do have some ideas for quilts as well, but more along the art type of quilt, not the bed quilt. They will be meant more for decorative items or lap quilts.

We are always open for suggestions about the type of items we design. So if you have any ideas or opinions, please leave us a comment at the end of this post.


Quilting mode will begin soon

After we design a couple of projects, Carl will start quilting again. He is the one who does the piecing and quilting. I am more of a design person.

There are also some other projects that have been started and not finished. So these UFOs (UnFinished Object s) will also be put into the mix.

One of them is a kaleidoscope Texas Star, shown below.

kaleidoscope Texas Star 1/4
1/4 of the kaleidoscope Texas Star quilt

We gave some Quilted Christmas Gifts

Some of the gifts that we gave for Christmas presents were placemats and mug rugs. ┬áPlacemats have a certain size range that are useful. But mug rugs can vary in size from a 4″ x 4″ fabric coaster to a 8″ by 12″ mini placemat for both a mug of beverage and snacks.

Handmade Christmas gifts seem to be appreciated more by the grownups than the children, unless it is a toy or something that is all the rage. But I feel that a handmade gifts shows that love that they have for you.

Here are a couple of samples of placemats.

Multi-colored placemat front
The front of a multi-colored placemat.
Beige placemat front
The front of a set of beige placemats

Here’s What is Coming Soon

We will have some items up for sale sometime in February.

We will be posting every Friday at about 9:30 am CT, so check back to see what is going on. Some of the posts will show more about the details of quilting.

So please come back and check them out. And we invite you to comment and leave us ideas about what you would like to see and read about.