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Carl Linde
Carl Linde

The Talented Termite hand-crafts items in a variety of woods. The Termite has been working with wood since an early age and is mainly self taught. He currently turns pens, pencils, bowls, vases, boxes, and the like. With the scroll saw he produces ornaments, boxes, and plaques. Carved items include signs, plaques, small statues in the flat-plane style, and spoons, just to name a few. Also does commissioned work upon request.

Became interested in working with wood when my Father introduced me to it in my youth. My Father and I did many DIY projects on the homestead, including building an addition that doubled the size of the house. Started learning about woodturning and scroll sawing in Junior High in Shop. Have continued to learn by trial and error, reading, YouTube videos, and practice, practice, practice.




Nancy Linde
Nancy Linde

After marrying my second wife,Nancy, we started doing many different handcrafts and selling them at flea markets and craft shows. We then went into business servicing and installing cabinets in new homes for several different companies. Also did custom cabinet work. The Termite retired from the cabinet business in 2011. He then began making small items for friends and family just to stay in practice. People kept telling him to start selling his production, so he has finally decided to start becoming commercialized. He still helps his wife with her jewelry business, Armadilla Hill Jewelry (we know armadillo is misspelled)

Designs by C and N is the parent company of Armadilla Hill Jewelry, The Talented Termite, and Geeky Grandpa. And yes, we know Armadilla is misspelled. That was intentional. Geeky Grandpa is on a separate site, but you can view the jewelry and woodcraft on this site.

We have also been known as The Knick-Knack Shelf, Indigo Designs, Empty Pockets Creations and Ecclectic Essentials. Each name was for a specific phase of our business.

The Knick-Knack Shelf was our first business that we started 28 years ago. It’s main feature was hand-poured plaster ornaments, plaques and statues. Some were poured with colored and swirled plaster. Some were painted and some were sold as unpainted items. Our sales were from doing flea markets and craft shows. We closed that phase in 1989.

Indigo Designs was started in 1990 with fabric crafts, including nap pads for children and quilted wall hangings. Sales were at craft shows in the DFW area. We started adding some scroll-sawed ornaments and clocks at first then added polymer clay and enameled beads. This started us doing jewelry. All of our sales were from craft shows. During this time we started installing cabinets in new homes. The craft side of this business was changed to Empty Pockets Creations. Indigo Designs closed in 2011 after the housing market closed down so drastically that we were unable to make a profit there.

Empty Pockets Creations started in 2001 and included our jewelry and wood products. We were doing about 10 craft shows a year until 2009 when we dropped down to 2-3 shows per year. We did custom orders for wood food caddies, boxes and other items.We added Crystal Moon Gallery to our outlets. Empty Pockets closed in 2012 after we left Crystal Moon Gallery.

Ecclectic Essentials was started in 2012 to give us another outlet for our products on a part-time basis. Yes, we know Ecclectic is misspelled, we like to get peoples attention with different spellings from time to time. We quit doing shows and instead got into a local gallery. After 6 months, the gallery closed and we lost our last place for retail sales.

In 2014 we decided to try a website again and picked the name of Designs by C and N. This time the website will be better maintained than last time and will be updated more frequently. We are back in production again in both Armadilla Hill Jewelry and The Talented Termite. As time permits, we will start back to doing shows again. Any shows that are confirmed will be listed on a calendar page.

We also have several blogs that we maintain, which you can find in the sidebar. These include, but are not limited to,  Accessories make the outfit, Tips from the Talented Termite, Is Blogging for you?, and Grumpy’s Rambles.

You can view the galleries of both crafting companies and purchase them from this site. You can also visit us or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.